Discount for Sustainable Businesses

PWPvideo is very excited to assist businesses in promoting their green practices, services, and products. This program stems from a shared commitment of our entire staff. We have enjoyed all of our work with sustainable and social-justice minded corporations and wish to continue to do more work in this area in addition to our service to non-profit organizations. To that end, we are now offering a Sliding Scale Discount of 5%-15% for Sustainable Businesses. We define a Sustainable Business as being a member of any of the following organizations:

Balle B Corporation
DVGBC Fair Trade Federation
U.S. Green Building Council Sustainable Business Network
Social Venture Network

The above list does not mean that PWPvideo is claiming to be a member of the listed organization, but includes membership as an indication of a company's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The discount will also be extended to any company creating a project on the subject of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

Number of Employees * Discount
1-5 15%
6-10 10%
11-25 5%
26+ 0%

* Number of Employees is based on Full and Part Time Employees in total and not calculated by FTEs or Full Time Equivalent employees.

The discounts apply only to PWP equipment and services. The discount is not applied to items with a fixed cost or obtained from outside vendors. Examples of ineligible items include tape stock, crane rentals, or travel expenses. As with our non-profit sliding scale discount, our sustainable business discount enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from the powerful tool of video communication.


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